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Food and snacks

A day at Barnens Gårds is an adventure filled with fun and games. To keep up their strength it´s important to give the children something to eat and drink now and again.

We have both a family restaurant and a poolside kiosk with children´s menus.

If you bring your own food, we have a picnic barn with benches and tables and where you can also barbecue. Or why not just throw a picnic blanket on the grass and enjoy your meal outside.
We try to have a menu that appeals to all people; allergic, meat-lovers, vegetarians, GI-devotees, coeliac-intolerants, lacto-intolerants or people sensitive to milk protein...
We have all ingredients of our meals listed in the restaurant so the parents themselves can check it out and decide what will be the best choice for their family.



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Food and snacks
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