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Please prepare your children before you visit us.

Barnens Gård is a playful, fun and frisky place to be goes without saying. But just as important is that Barnens Gård it is a safe, secure and relaxing place to be. We want you to keep your lovely kids in sight. If we transfer this into EU-ish regarding recommendations for amusement parks they talk about growing ups having a supervision responsibility.
Using swimming wear and showering before entering the pool is utterly important for retaining a good water quality and for you getting away from the chlorine. Small children must wear special swimming diapers. It’s very nice to know you are wearing underwear but please don’t wear them in the pool. Please pay extra attention to this all teenage guys wearing boxer shorts under your swimming pants. Please don’t –this is a bomb of bacterium. Of course everybody showers before entering the pool!
You are allowed to bring dogs in the leisure park but mot in the water park. It’s not allowed to walk through the restaurant. If so the Swedish health and security authorities will go bananas… Please tell us if you want to bring a dog we’ll let it in another way. Of course you have to have the dog in a string and that you show other people respect and have in mind that people might be scared of dogs. We don’t want you to use snorkel since it makes the pool hosts work harder. Due to safety reasons this is forbidden
90 % of all our injuries comes from children jumping from one bouncing mat to another and misjudge the distance. If you do this you hit the wooden bridges between the bouncers and hurt your feet. That’s why this is forbidden.
It’s also important making sure you don’t have someone climbing above you since having a friend falling down on your head is not much fun…
More safety instruction if you want to go by rings in our water slides. Read more about that here.

We also work with security


We work hard to make Barnens Gård a safe place to be. For example we educate all personnel in CPR. We also have a heart starter in the park.



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